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How To Cost-Effectively Optimize Your Investment with Serial-Attached SCSI
Since the emergence of SAS two years ago, many high-end storage solution providers and OEMs have recognized the advantages of SAS over tis parallel predecessor.
Maximize SATA Value with SAS Controllers
Remarkable cost-effectiveness has always been the hallmark of SATA disk drives, and recent improvements in performance (3Gb/s) and available capacity (up to 750GB) have only reinforced SATA's stature as the unrivalled leader in storage efficiency.
SAS & SATA Total Cost of Ownership
For SATA or SAS functionality, design Right First Time with scalable LSI HBAs and MegaRAID SAS adapters coupled with turnkey chassis from Advanced Industrial Computer (AIC)
SAS White Paper (SAS Market Trend Projection)
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), the successor technology to the parallel SCSI interface, leverages proven SCSI functionality and features while expanding SCSI's proven performance, scalability and reliability for enterprise storage.
SAS-FC-SCSI-iSCSI Comparison Chart
The chart outlines the difference among SAS, Fibre Channel, SCSI and iSCSI topology in terms of its connections, maximum bandwidth, cable length, configuration diagram, etc.
Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS
Enterprise data access and transfer demands are no longer driven by advances in CPU processing power alone. Beyond the sheer volume of data, information routinely consists of rich content that increases the need for capacity.
The Benefits of a SBB Solution