Xtore™ Professional Storage

Data Replicator

1) To provide tag management functions, tagging the most recent version and saving up to twenty tags that allow users to have version control.

2) Monitor file folders of Windows clients and perform immediate backups of selected folders to the Network Filer Plus when changes are made.

3) If a user constantly changed very large file, the automatic backup feature could cause the system to become overloaded. Users can ignore the monitor function and backup those files manually in order to gain system effectiveness.

4) Users can apply File Filtering to ignore certain files (for example, .bkp files for Windows clients).
Backups are one method necessary to ensure data security, but people are often too busy and neglect the importance of regular data backups. In order to backup data on a regular basis without burdening the users, the NAS Data Replicator can fully automate the backup process.