Xtore™ Professional Storage


1) Please make sure the Filer is working normally and all the disks are running without errors.

2) FAT/FAT32 does not support files larger than 4GB. When running Network Filer Plus Backup on Win95/98 clients using FAT/FAT32, or backing up files from the NAS server to another device running Win95/98 with FAT/FAT32, the system will automatically divide the backup file into several 4GB-sized files and rename the extension of each file to ".bkp", ".001", ".002", etc. Please store these files in the same directory. When restoring the data back onto the NAS server in the future, the administrator only needs to specify the ".bkp" file. There is no need to manually restore every single file as the related files will be restored automatically.

3) For Windows clients, if the administrator sets a single-byte language (code page) such as English or Multilingual, an error will occur when the client attempts to save double-byte files or folder names (e.g. Traditional Chinese) on the NAS server. Once saved, some of these files will not be able to be deleted. In this case, the system administrator must use the Server ConfigurationàLanguage Setup to change the code page to double-byte encoding, only then can the files be properly accessed and deleted.
If users have 2Network Filer Plus , they would be able to backup the data through the Server-to-Server Synchronization technique. Simply place one Filer as the main Storage server and the other as the backup Filer, connect them through the common Internet protocol and backup data from main Storage server. If the main server fails, the user can reset the server and have all data restored from the backup
Currently the Filer doesn't do extra actions when users backup files to the NAS. If a user backup a 500MB file to the Filer, it will be stored as a 500MB file. The system will not compress the file during the backup process.
1) The name of the shared folder cannot exceed 15 characters. The name can be formed by double-byte character languages, the same as the language of the Storage Manager interface, such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese or Korean…..etc. Also allowed are single-byte languages such as English, German, Spanish, numbers, the decimal point, underlines and the minus sign. However, the first character cannot be the minus sign. Also note, the name is not case sensitive.

2) Most file systems will automatically divide the backup file into several 4GB-size files, and name the extension of each file according to the following sequence: ".bkp", ".001", ".002", etc. Please store these files in the same directory.

3) When using this system, Win 95/98 clients can only display folder names with a maximum of 13 characters and Win NT clients can only display folder names with a maximum of 12 characters. Therefore, when sharing folders with Win95/98/NT clients, please pay attention to the length of the folder names, otherwise clients may not be able to access these folders through their network neighborhood tools.
Theoretically, the Network Filer Plus doesn't have any restrictions for bi-directional data transmission if both users are able to provide a static IP for their NAS. However, both parties must be well informed of the other's network configuration (for example, available PORT_NO, Account and Password, Bandwidth limitation……etc), to be able to access each other through the Internet.
The possible reasons are:

1) Error Code 1 - Server Error: System error have occurred during the backup/restore. Please re-boot the Filer.

2) Error Code 2 - The server free space is insufficient to complete this job!: The system does not have enough physical hard disk space to perform the backup/restore. Please make sure the required disk space is available by deleting some files.

3) Error Code 3 - Can not join a Windows Domain: If users have added the NAS server into a Windows domain, please check that the Windows PDC is operating normally and the NAS server account still exists in the PDC.

4) Error Code 4 - The Server has joined a Windows Domain: Please make sure your Filer has joined the correct Windows domain.

5) Error Code 5 - The server does not have a default volume, please create one: Please make sure you have created at least one volume for the backup/restore data.

6) Error Code 6 - The default volume doesnt have sufficient temporary space, please keep at least 100 MB free space: Please make sure the volume has at least 100 MB of free space for the backup/restore operation.

7) Error Code 7 - Network connection Error: Please make sure the network settings are correct and active.
Most storage devices that are physically attached to your computer (not through network connection) and that have a drive letter assigned can be used to protect your valuable data with theNetwork Filer Plus . For example, standard floppy drives, high-capacity removable disk drives, CD-R/W drives, and tape drives. The Network Filer Plus is so flexible that you can even use different types of media for different data protection needs. The Network Filer Plus keeps track of where all your data is and makes it easy to get it back when you need it. Note: Disk drives that you access through a network are not physically attached to your computer and therefore cannot be used by theNetwork Filer Plus . Also 1Disk.Tape drives that do not have drive letter access cannot be used to protect data with theNetwork Filer Plus.
The NAS Data Replicator will be able to handle security requirements when users backup their files during data transmission. Users can use the "Encrypt" function to add encryption codes to their files through Data Replicator. As a result, only authorized users will be able to access these files.
Please double click the Filer Assistant to view the list of existing Filers. Next, choose the destination Filer and make sure the share folder has been created. Re-confirm all the necessary settings and "MAP" the share folder to your local computer. Then simply copy and paste or drag and drop files to or from the Filer.
Yes, if users have third party Backup/Restore software and it supports network drives, users will be able to backup their data from other File Servers to the Network Filer Plus .