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Industry Associations


Storage Networking Industry Association

Incorporated in December 1997, the SNIA is a registered 501(c)6 non-profit trade association. Our members are dedicated to ensuring that storage networks become complete and trusted solutions across the IT community.

The SNIA works toward this goal by forming and sponsoring technical work groups, producing (with our strategic partner Computerworld) the Storage Networking World Conference series, building and maintaining a vendor neutral Technology Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and promoting activities that expand the breadth and quality of the storage networking market.


SCSI Trade Association

The SCSI Trade Association was formed in 1996 to promote the use and understanding of small computer system interface ("SCSI") parallel interface technology.

Storage Bridge Bay Working Group

The objective of the Storage Bridge Bay Working Group (SBB) is to create a specification that defines mechanical, electrical and low-level enclosure management requirements for an enclosure controller slot that will support a variety of storage controllers from a variety of independent hardware vendors (“IHVs”) and system vendors. Any storage controller design based on the SBB specification will be able to fit, connect, and operate within any storage enclosure controller slot design based on the same specification.