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Xtore™ is a brand of high performance, high scalability, and ease-of-use storage systems. Video, audio, broadcast, film, and animation editing professionals will find that the Xtore Studio series provides unprecedented high-efficiency storage with guaranteed real-time access for multi-stream, high-bandwidth workflows.

With the focus on robust technology and superior quality design, Xtore has been selected to be the first and foremost AVID Certified storage solution. Xtore customers can be assured of a commitment to product validation and a service-oriented philosophy.

The Xtore Studio series is just the first of several planned product series. Powerful and cost-effective Xtore storage solutions are not only ideal for the video editing professional market, but can also be specifically optimized for medical and document imaging, gaming and high availability transactional solutions.

Featured Review

AIC scores a solid "A" from TweakTown on its Xtore™ MiniBOD SAS JBOD
AIC (Xtore) MiniBOD-T082 8-Bay 2.5-inch JBOD Enclosure
Author: Chris Ramseyer


(The AIC Xtore MiniBOD) was designed from the ground up to be a portable solution. . . (and) is the only product available in this portable, high performance category. If you work with audio or video data at home and at the office, keeping a card in each location will turn the MiniBOD into the ultimate portable storage with transfer rates that in our testing reached as 730 MB/s in ATTO?.In the 16k test we actually saw a massive 856MB/s read. .. The write performance of the system is also very fast. Here we see RAID 0 hitting nearly 750MB/s. The real world transfer rate from one partition of the array to another is quite high. Here we see that the MiniBOD is capable of moving data faster than most SSDs are even capable of. . . The sound dampening hardware is really a stand out. . . In an audio environment like a studio an engineer always wants silent storage but making that hardware portable is now possible.

Xtore StudioRAID is the next generation desktop RAID subsystem designed for high performance in storage and prominent quality in configuration. StudioRAID comes with 5-bay Tower, 10-bay Tower, 1U10-bay Rackmount, and 3U16 SBB form factors along with the ATTO controller card allowing users to utilize at its maximum versatility.


Xtore StudioSTOR subsystem is designed for SOHO to Medium-to-Enterprise level of business adaptation. StudioSTOR provides high scalability in varieties of form factors such as 5-bay Tower, 8-bay Tower,10-bay Tower, and 1U10-bay Rackmount.

MiniBOD™ Series

High Performance Portable Storage Device

Introducing MiniBOD™ series XJ-SA11-008-S-A, the industry's highest performance portable storage device designed for mission-critical data applications.

  • 6Gb SAS ready
  • First 6Gb/s SFF JBOD
  • High Performance, Small Foot Print
  • Plug and Access Capability
  • Fail-over Application for Mission Critical Data
  • Environmental Management

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Avid's certification ensures video editing professionals using Xtore™ local storage with Avid's Media Composer®, Symphony™ and NewsCutter® video editing solutions will experience the same system reliability and performance that Avid customers have come to expect. Customers can be assured that Xtore local storage products are rigorously tested and proven interoperable with Avid solutions, letting them focus on the creative process.

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